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Indexify comes equipped with an intuitive UI out of the box, designed for enhanced debugging and visualization of content. This UI seamlessly integrates with Indexify's APIs, featuring four main sections: Extraction Policies, Indexes, Content, and Extractors.

After running indexify locally you can access the UI at http://localhost:8900/ui.

Extraction Policies

From the home page, you can view Extraction Policies.

Extraction Policies

Click into any Extraction Policy to see detailed information, including dispatched tasks, outcomes, and content IDs.

Extraction Policy


View indexes created from our Extraction policies.


After clicking an index, you can query and view content by topK nearest neighbors.

Index query


Ingested Content

View ingested content on the "Ingested" tab. This displays all content directly sent to Indexify for processing.

Ingested content

When content is picked up by an extraction policy and processed into new content, we can view its children content. Implementing extraction policies that capture content generated by other extraction policies allows us to display children of children, identifying content produced based on those precedents.

Content children Content children of children

Filter And Search Content

The leftmost tab features a search function, enabling you to locate content by ID and apply filters based on Extraction Policy.

Content search

Viewing Content

Click into and view content; in this example, we are loading an audio file. We support displaying text, video, audio, and images. The content page also displays any tasks from Extractors that processed this content.

Viewing content


In the Extractors section, you can view running extractors connected to Indexify. See each Extractor's input parameters, description, and outputs.